Dating is hard. Online dating can seem even harder - but once you've mastered it, it'll be a breeze (and good clean fun, too). That's why we've put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have a question after reading it, simply contact us (if it's "When will I meet the person of my dreams?" then you might be looking in the wrong place. Try a clairvoyant.)

1. Login 2. Membership Options 3. Search 4. Messages 5. Privacy Settings 6. Likes 7. Profile 8. Photos 9. Profile Verification 10. Date Ideas 11. Events 12. Account Settings 13. Account Cancellation 14. Miscellaneous

1. Login 1.1 I forgot my password. Can you tell me what it is? Just go to the password reset page and enter the email address that you registered with. We'll send you instructions to reset your password straight away. Still need help? Contact us.

2. Membership Options 2.1 What are the Membership fees, and what do you get? As a Non Member, you can:

  • Add your profile and up to four photos
  • Set a privacy level to suit you
  • Browse everyone's profiles
  • Wink at people that you fancy

However, if you want to make a real impression, Membership is where it's at. Our Standard and Premium Membership levels are designed to provide an edge in the dog-eat-dog world of online dating (although we do try to operate a dog-free policy). As a Standard Member, you enjoy all of the above, plus:

  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • Add up to four more photos
  • Check out Members' photo albums
  • See who's checked you out
  • See who's got you as a favourite
  • Receive instant/daily email alerts about new matches

Please refer to the payment page for current Standard Membership fees.

However, as a Premium Member (i.e. generally superior, better-looking, cooler, smarter, clevererer, etc), you can do all of what Standard Members can do, plus:

  • Incognito: keep online status, last log-in & who you've viewed 100% private
  • Search visibility: Choose to either boost or hide your profile in members' search results
  • Choose to have a stand-out mini-profile
  • Enjoy priority customer service

Please refer to the payment page for current Premium Membership fees.


  • All prices include VAT.
  • All charges will appear as Lovestruck on your credit card statement.
  • Your credit/debit card will be charged as soon as you submit the payment.

2.2 What are my payment options? Lovestruck accepts a wide range of credit and debit card payments. They are:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Delta

We also accept Paypal, which is just ridiculously easy to use.

2.3 Why do you automatically renew my Membership?

We'd rather you spend more time dating and less time paying. So, to keep 'strucking, your Membership will be automatically extended for successive renewal periods of the same duration as the subscription term originally selected.

2.4 How do I cancel the automatic renewal feature?

To cancel your subscription, please email a cancellation request to at least two working days before your subscription is due for renewal. For your security, this email must:

  • contain your Lovestruck username
  • be sent from the email address that you use for your Lovestruck account.

Of course:

  • You'll still enjoy the benefits of Membership right up until the end of your then-current subscription term
  • Your subscription won't be renewed after that term expires
  • Your Lovestruck account will remain active, and revert to Non Membership status.

Please ensure that your cancellation request is made at least 48 hours before your subscription renewal date. Please note: If you have paid via Paypal you can cancel the renewal from your Paypal account.

2.5 Why isn't my billing information being accepted/saved when I enter it? If you're having trouble with your billing information not being accepted or saved, it could be due to:

  • Incorrect/invalid credit card number
  • Expired credit card number
  • Credit card over limit

Please try re-entering your information. If you're still having problems, please contact us.

3. Search 3.1 What is 'Search'? The Search button (found on the home page) produces most results. The Search facility allows you to specify the types of profiles you want to see, according to being a 'best match', location or join date. 3.3 What's the science behind your matching algorithm? We owe it to our Members to intelligently sift through the database and match them well. So, when you first join, our in-house algorithm matches on hard data, like interests, age and location. Then, thanks to a couple of mad Doc Brown-types kept locked in a DeLorean, our behavioural analytics algorithm begins to get a real understanding of who you actually like by recording your site activity (views, winks, favourites and messages). Recommended matches are then made on what you actually like/do on Lovestruck, not just what you say you like - ultimately going beyond conscious preferences that you have stated. Grreat Scott!

3.4 What is 'Advanced Search'? Advanced Search allows you to narrow down your search to specific physical characteristics, background or interest by selecting the preferences and characteristics you are looking for. Please note that pina coladas, walks in the rain, making love at midnight on the dunes on the cape, etc. are probably a little too specific for this. Try Keyword Search for those...

3.5 What is 'Keyword Search'? This is a jolly clever, state-of-the art, smarty-pants tool that allows you to find those that have a word in their profile that really blows your hair back. Ibiza, balloons, dog-walking - whatever the word, however odd, chances are someone will come up. (Please note that we're not making any promises.) It's also a great way to search for someone if you know their username.

3.6 How can I remove profiles from my searches? Keep seeing the same face every time you search, and have no intention of ever contacting them? Just click on 'Hide this profile' on their profile page. They'll never know you've done it and you'll get a better search. Result.

4. Messages 4.1 How are the messages that I send to other Lovestruckers anonymous? We respect your privacy and keep your actual email address confidential. You'll never see your email address displayed on and all written communication from other Lovestruckers will be directed to your Lovestruck Mailbox and NOT to your private email address. We aim to keep Lovestruck a stalker-free site, ladies and gents.

4.2 Can I view messages that I've sent to others? Yes, if you're a Member. Just go to 'Sent Messages' in the Messages page. Try not to agonise over what you've sent, though. You probably were just as adorable/funny/clever as you thought you were, and if you weren't, well, there's not much you can do about it.

4.3 Can I save mail that I send to others? All mail that you send to others is automatically saved for you for up to one month. You can view it by going to 'Messages sent' on your personalised homepage.

4.4 Why am I not getting very many/any responses? Well, for a start, it's not you, darling. It's them. However, you may want to take another look at your profile. Have you included a photo with your profile? Research shows that profiles with photos are 10 million times more likely to receive a response. Now, is it a nice photo? Men in black tie and women with lipstick on do awfully well, we've noticed. Smiling is always good. Try to avoid the glass-eyed drunken grin photo if at all possible (good rule of thumb: if you can't remember the photo being taken, don't use it).

If you're pretty happy with your photo, try playing around with your Narrative section. Don't confess too much, or share your entire relationship history (leave something for the first and hopefully, second dates, eh?). Try doing something original (but not too cwazy) or funny (but don't tell jokes. Trust us, that doesn't work). Ask your funniest friend to write about you for the site - there's nothing quite like a recommendation to make someone look ever so desirable. Or tell a story that you think is funny. But something. Above all else, as they say, don't just lie there. Other Lovestruckers will appreciate it if you've made an effort. Think of it as the bait that will reel in the many, many lovely trout that you deserve. (Ok, that doesn't quite work. Whatever.)

4.5 How do I block someone I don't want to talk to/receive messages from? Oh, dear. We do want everyone to be friends and play nicely, but we also know from experience that sometimes you just don't want to see or hear from someone again. Perhaps you just didn't fancy them. And, bless them, they probably really like you and it's far easier to just ignore them than to give them the cold hard truth (this is the true beauty of online dating). So! To block a Lovestrucker click 'Block this Member' on their profile. If you block a member, they won't be able to view your profile, contact you or appear in your results. You will be completely invisible to them, too.

4.6 Will they know if I've visited their profile? No. Blocking a member will hide your visit to their profile page.

4.7 Will someone know if I've blocked them? No. The blocked member will not be notified. And anything you do is entirely invisible to them. It will simply look as though you have left the site.

5. Privacy Settings 5.1 What are Privacy Settings for? At Lovestruck Towers we believe that your love life is just that. Yours. Privacy Settings let you decide exactly who sees what, by controlling the visibility of your profile.

Just set any – or both – of your photo(s) and profile 'Only my favourites'. Then, to allow someone to see your profile, add that person to your Favourites and voila – they can see you in all your glory. (now stop that.) (Down. Down boy.) (I said DOWN. Do you want me to get the rolled up newspaper?)

To enjoy Internet dating with a side order of privacy just go to 'Visibility Settings' from the main menu.

5.2 Can someone request to see my photo(s) and/or profile? Yes - all they have to do is click on your hidden profile and/or photo on your profile page. You'll then get an email with a link to their profile. Any you like - or like the look of - to your Favourites. Those that don't make the grade still can't see your profile, making you even more desirable.

5.3 How do I make someone my Favourite? You can add Lovestruckers to your Favourites List by clicking 'Add to Favourites' on their profile page.

5.4 Can I make someone a Favourite anyway? Yep - The Favourites function also works along the lines of a bookmark. A dating bookmark. So you can keep an eye on that gorgeous someone whilst you work up the nerve to wink or email them and commit to - gasp - a sandwich-and-smoothie, or pint-and-pork-scratchings, next Tuesday. Also, once in your Favourites List you won't have to search for them among others to find out if they are online or not. They'll be like an instant flirtation group.

6. Likes 6.1 What are Likes for? It's not rocket science, dear. It's called FLIRTING. Look it up. Someone's saying they like the look of you, and before they succumb to the - gasp - huge commitment of an email, they want to know if you like the look of them, or if they remind you of an ex that you would move to the other side of Indonesia to avoid.

Either way, like back if you fancy them, don't if you don't - it's not a marriage offer, so don't agonise over it.

6.2 How do I like someone? Easy-peasy. There's a like button on the Lovestrucker's full profile. Click it and voila, instant likeage.

6.3 What do I do if someone likes me? Scream, tell all your friends, then ignore them forever and secretly write their name in your homework folder a thousand million times. Wait! Sorry that's our other dating app for thirteen-year-olds.

Duh. If someone likes you, and you fancy them, like them back. If they like you, and you definitely DON'T fancy them, don't like back. (No one likes a tease.)

7. Profile 7.1 How do I create a profile? Creating and posting a profile is free and takes only a few minutes. Think of it as a quick sketch of who you are and your how you live your life. If you're passionate about dorfball, German techno, Kir Royales, Playstation, sleeping, making sushi, Wikipedia, the Post, ultimate frisbee, wild strawberries, or gosh, whatever, then this is the place to put it. If you're actually quite normal, with no oddball passions and you just like to have a laugh now and again, then again, this is the place to put it. Trust us, there's someone out there for you - just be yourself. Once your profile is complete, we'll review it and post it on the site within 36 hours. So click here to join now.

7.2 How do I update my profile? Don't you hate it when you think of something really funny you should have said just as you're going to bed that night? That's the beauty of the Profile Update! You can go back the next day, update your profile, and voila - it's like it was always there. To update your profile, go to 'Edit my profile' on your homepage and click 'Save and continue' on the section of the profile you want to update. Then make it funnier than ever.

7.3 What are Lovestruck's profile guidelines? Lovestruck welcomes all 18+ single professional looking for flirtations or more with like-minded people. After all, we all live, work, sleep and play in the same city - it shouldn't be hard to find a special someone to cuddle under the duvet when it's raining outside (as a first date, however, we do recommend the sandwich option. Duvet-sharing can be seen as quite forward).

We do want everyone on our site to feel comfortable - which means no freaky, weird or rude stuff, ok, people? Like the best dating sites, we review every profile manually to make sure that they're not going to make anyone else feel uncomfortable. We reserve the right to revise our guidelines from time to time (frankly, you never know what you're going to have to make a rule about until someone does it and someone else complains, know what we mean?), so please check back for updates. Please note that we may amend/reject profiles if the narrative text contains any of the following:

  • Any direct contact information (ie email addresses, URLs, ICQ/instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, full names, addresses)
  • Any location or descriptive information that threatens a Lovestrucker's anonymity
  • Abusive language of any kind (e.g. racism, sexism etc.)
  • Discussion of description of illegal acts or behaviour (i.e. drug use, violence, criminal acts)
  • Business or political advertisements or solicitations
  • Material that exploits or solicits personal information from individuals under the age of 18
  • Foreign languages
  • Solicitation of multiple or additional partners
  • Unauthorised use of copyrighted or trademarked material
  • Overt sexual innuendo or discussion

NB - Lovestruck does not accept content from:

  • Incarcerated individuals
  • Individuals under the age of 18

Sorry. Jailbirds and jailbait are just not our thing.

8. Photos 8.1 What are the guidelines for posting a photo? Our photo guidelines are as follows:

  • Obviously, you've got to be in each of the photos. Duh. And not so pixellated that you look like the lead character of a ZX Spectrum computer game
  • No scuba diving, motorcycle shots or anything that covers up your face (inc Jackie O sunglasses)
  • Choose a solo shot for your main photo, and save the second, third, fourth and fifth positions for holiday or party photos
  • No photos of cartoon characters or celebrities, which are copyrighted
  • No nude, obscene, sexual or otherwise offensive photos
  • Photo files cannot be larger than 8MB
  • Your photo should be saved in JPG/JPEG/TIFF/GIF format

8.2 How do I post a photo? We've made this really easy - to upload a photo directly from your computer, simply go to 'My photos' in the profile setup pages and follow the instructions. Once approved, we might have to resize/crop your photos. If the file's bigger than 8MB, try to crop your photo before uploading it. It may take up to 24 hours for your photo to appear on your profile as we need to review it, but we'll try to be as quick as possible. Once approved, we'll get it up on the site asap. If we reject your photo, you'll receive an email informing you why, and ask you to upload another photo.

8.3 How long will it take for my photo to appear? We aim to approve photos within 24 hours (although it's normally just a few hours).

8.4 How many photos can I post? You can post four photos as a Non Member, and up to four more as a Member.

8.5 If I upload more than one photo, which one will be displayed in my profile and search results? You can select where you want your photo to appear, be it in your profile or photo album. The photo that you select to appear 'In Profile' will be displayed in your profile as well as all search result pages that other Lovestruckers will be viewing. Make sure the photo you select to put 'In Profile' is your best one.

8.5 I'm following the guidelines and still having trouble posting photos. Any suggestions? If you've followed our instructions and are still having trouble posting your photo, please email us the photo(s) to

9. Profile Verification 9.1 What is Profile Verification? Our Profile Verification Service helps show potential matches that you are who you say you are. It's a free, quick and easy process involving one of our team cross-checking your Social IDs on other sites, such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.

9.2 How does it work? Simply submit a link to one or all of the following social IDs: Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. One of our Member Services Executives will visit the respective page and check one or all of the following: Your photos, job title, age, relationship status and amount of followers/friends. Once we're happy that your information is correlating with what you've supplied on Lovestruck, we'll approve it.

9.3 Do I have to add you as a 'friend' or 'contact'? No. But you have to make sure that your social ID profile is 'public' or we won't be able to see it.

9.4 Do you publish my Social ID links on Lovestruck or elsewhere? No. Links to your personal information will be used purely for verification purposes and will not be made public. Nothing goes on your Facebook wall, Linkedin profile or Twitter timeline, either.

9.5 Why should I verify my profile? There are four very good reasons to do so:

  • Safe and secure: Your links will be used purely for verification purposes and will not be made public.
  • Greater trust in your profile: You'll receive a greater level of interest and a more open level of communication with a verified profile.
  • Achieve stand-out: Your profile will display a 'Verified' badge, plus icons showing the ways in which you've been checked.
  • 9.6 I've submitted my details but you aren't verifying my account? Your request to verify your profile may be rejected for one of the following reasons:

    • The link submitted was incorrect (NB. Linkedin addresses ending with 'tab pro' are not correct)
    • The information and/or images required for cross-checking on your profile is not available for public viewing
    • The information and/or images on your Social ID profile does not match the relevant information on your Lovestruck profile
    • Your Lovestruck profile doesn't have a photo
    • The Social ID profile is too new/unused to enable verification
    • The username matches your Lovestruck username

    9.7 What should I do in response to a verification rejection? Please do one or some of the following:

    • Re-submit the correct link (not email address) for us to view your public Social ID profile
    • Set the required information on your Social ID profile to public and re-submit
    • Amend the information on your Social ID profile to match Lovestruck's and re-submit
    • Contact us, requesting a username change by (6-15 characters, no full names/abbreviated names)

    9.8 Is the Profile Verification Service like a background check? No. The Lovestruck Verification Service is an identity authentication service, conducted via cross-checking of various social IDs. Accordingly, it may not be used in whole or in part as a factor in determining eligibility for a background check. As a result, we assume no liability to you related to this service, even if we are negligent. In particular, we are not liable for any consequential damages or incidental damages, even if advised of their possibility, or punitive damages.

    10. Date Ideas 10.1 What are Date Ideas? Our amazing date matching tool lets you find dates based on people who like doing what you like doing. It's a whole new way to discover Lovestruckers.

    10.2 How does it work? The more original the better - Simply invent a fun date and get asked out, or ask out a Lovestrucker with a fun date!

    11. Events 11.1 Does Lovestruck host singles events? At Lovestruck Towers, we appreciate that our Members want to date in different ways. That's why, aside from giving you a kick-botty award-winning online dating site, we also host regular events that are the talk of the town. From regular bowling nights and comedy and quiz nights to our legendary free-for-all-to-attend Laissez-Faire parties, we've always something on for you to meet like-minded singles in a fun, relaxed way.

    11.2 What are your free 'red straw' Laissez-Faire events? Every so often, we ghost-host drinks nights at a bar. This means that won't make a big thing about being there. Or a small thing. We'll just... be. (It's terribly zen.) So, as we won't be rolling up, there's no entry fee, no RSVP, no nametags, no games and no rules.

    11.3 How do your red straw Laissez-Faire events work? Simply ask for a red straw (entirely optional), drink and let some gorgeous Lovestrucker spot your straw and chat you up. (Or chat up someone with a straw, if you're feeling proactive.)

    11.4 Do I have to be a member to attend? Everyone is welcome so bring a friend/colleague or five. They don't have to be a Lovestrucker. Hell, they don't even have to be your friend. That's the beauty of this night, baby. It's all about fun. With over 600 attending each event, please turn up as early as possible to guarantee entry.

    12. Account Settings 12.1 How do I change my password? My, you are secretive. To change your password Click here.

    12.2 My personal email address has changed. How do I update it? It takes just a few seconds to change your email address. Click here.

    12.3 I've changed jobs, so how do I update the nearest location to my work? Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, no problem. 'My Settings' on your personalised homepage is where it's at. This change takes a few seconds by clicking here.

    12.4 How do I change my date of birth? I'm 23, not 32! Sure, we believe you. Just click here to change it in 'My Settings'.

    12.5 I've mistakenly put that i'm a girl looking for a girl/boy looking for a boy (delete where appropriate). How do I change my sexual preference? Oops. Just go to 'My Settings' on your personalised homepage by clicking here.

    12.6 How do I change the search ages that automatically appear on my Little Black Book? Just go to 'My Settings' on your personalised homepage by clicking here.

    12.7 How do i change my username? Regret calling yourself 'Kittenpants' now, eh? Just contact us with a new name that you'd like (six characters minimum, please), and we'll check if it's taken and then do the rest.

    13. Account Cancellation 13.1 How do I cancel my Lovestruck account? To completely deactivate your account, simply go to 'My Settings' on your personalised homepage by clicking here.

    If you wish to retain your account but simply want to cancel your subscription renewal, please email a cancellation request to, at least two working days before your subscription is due for renewal. For your security, this email must:

    • contain your Lovestruck username
    • be sent from the email address that you use for your Lovestruck account.

    Of course:

    • You'll still enjoy the benefits of Membership right up until the end of your then-current subscription term
    • Your subscription won't be renewed after that term expires
    • Your Lovestruck account will remain active, and revert to Free Membership.

    Please ensure that your cancellation request is made at least 48 hours before your subscription renewal date. Please note: If you have paid via Paypal you must cancel the renewal from your Paypal account.

    13.2 I bought a three-month subscription and have used only one month. Will I be refunded for the remaining two months? Sorry, but if you find love after the first month, you can't just drop out of Lovestruck. (We need to make money somehow, you know.) So we do not offer refunds on your Membership fee if you decide to cancel it before your Membership expires. If you cancel your Membership after your first month, your subscription will remain active for the remainder of your initial term. You will keep your Membership access during this period. So if that first flush of passion turns in to a turgid rash of compassion, you can come back.

    13.3 Can I still log in if I cancel my Membership? Yes. You will still be able to log in even though your Membership lapses.

    13.4 What happens to my profile when I cancel my Membership? As a Non Member, you will remain on the site until you request us to cancel it. If you don't want your profile to be viewed by other Lovestruckers, you can either use the 'Hide my profile' function on your personalised homepage, or ask us remove your profile completely by clicking here.

    13.5 Can others still search for me by Lovestruck ID if my Membership lapses? Yes, provided they know your Lovestruck ID and your profile is not taken off the site.

    13.6 If my Membership lapses, will my profile still show up when users run searches? Yes. Your profile will appear as long as your profile is not taken off the site and Lovestruckers are conducting searches with criteria that match your profile.

    14. Miscellaneous 14.1 Why does the site seem to be slow? If you are having trouble with speed of our site, it's usually one of the three things: 1. may be experiencing technical difficulties so please try again later. 2. The connection at your end may be the cause. Double-check your modem settings or connection speed to make sure you're connected at the highest possible internet connection rate. 3. The internet itself may be experiencing a traffic jam. Try again at another time when the information highway may not be so heavily travelled. If you've done all this and continue to have difficulties, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

    14.2 Customer Service Our Customer Service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We endeavour to respond to all email enquiries within 36 hours.

    14.3 Do you tell other people my email address? Never. We don't reveal any personal contact information to any other Lovestruckers or to any third parties (we hate spam as much as you do, you know). Only you can choose whom you'd like to share personal contact information with. You do this through your private communications with other Lovestruckers.

    14.4 How do I know your company is legitimate? Gosh, that hurts. No, no, only kidding. We quite understand and in fact we applaud you for being so darn thorough. It's very important to feel comfortable on a website that you're giving personal information to. Our site offers you peace of mind in a number of different ways: - Our Privacy Policy is available at the bottom of any page of our site. The Privacy Policy will outline what information we collect and how we use it. - You can view our Terms of Use on any page. All Lovestruckers must agree to this while registering. Thus, every Lovestrucker agrees to abide by a code of conduct. - Lovestruck Limited is registered with the Data Protection Registrar No. Z9561510 and confirms that all personal data handled and stored by us is done so in strict compliance with the latest Data Protection Act 1998.

    14.5 Are you going to sell my email address to a mailing list? No. Our Privacy Policy states that we do not sell or disclose your email address to any third party for the purposes of spamming or mailing lists - as we said, we hate spam. (Except with eggs.) Given the nature of our site, we know that you expect privacy and anonymity. You may review our Privacy Policy at any time and should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    14.6 What are the hidden costs? We never ask for a credit card number up front when you register with us - it's free to create a profile and post a photo. Only when you choose to become a Member (allowing you to initiate contact with other Lovestruckers, amongst other great enhancements), would we require payment information. If you have any further questions that have not been answered by any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love to chat.