We hate to admit it but *ahem* some of us at Lovestruck Towers have been around the block a few times. Being 'date smart' is not just sexy, it's also safe. So here are our very own tips and tricks to try out on your Lovestruck dates:

Before the date


  • Tell at least one friend or family member who you're meeting, where you're meeting, when you're meeting and when you expect to return. Do your best to let your date knows that others know.
  • Choose a busy, public meeting place near a train station, or near the girl's home or office (if you've squeezed into your most sadistic heels for him, you won't thank him for a painful, bunion-inducing hike).
  • Take a fully charged mobile with you. Send a text or call your friend/family member when your date goes to the toilet.
  • Get to and from the date yourself, even if you have to take a taxi.
  • Gents, don't forget - nice watch and nice shoes go a long way.

During the date


  • Be early, hold open doors and pull back chairs.
  • Always give her the seat facing out, as she is your sole focus for the next four hours (it'll also help by stopping your eye wandering).
  • Offer a compliment: women spend longer than men realise to look that hot, so notice something that's not too personal: 'you smell nice', 'you look nice'. 'Great butt!' is, of course, a no-no.
  • Don't boast. Woman can't stand a show-off. It's the wrong side of confidence. If you're great, they'll quickly work that out for themselves.


  • In return the girl should be gracious and accepting. You can buy him a drink or dinner next time.

Both of you

  • If it's an evening date, then drink in moderation as alcohol impairs your ability to make good decisions
  • Don't just talk about yourself. Ask questions. Hold the eye, and listen attentively. Never interrupt with something you did bigger and better.
  • Don't ask them what they think of you. It smacks of having a lack of confidence, which is a massive turn-off. Read the signals well instead.

At the end of the date


  • Never mention seeing him again or assume there's a second date in the making: Don't say "Oh, i'd love to see that play, do you like plays?' Or 'what are you up to on the weekend?" Mystery attracts men like magpies to a shiny thing.

Both of you

  • Always hold something back. Not just your chastity: Don't tell all your dark secrets, don't laugh too much, don't get too drunk and confess all. In a word, be charming and interesting but keep your guard up. The other person shouldn't get to see every part of you yet. Let them work for it.
  • If he asks if you fancy him at the end of the evening - and you don't - let him down gently and don't forget to add a few character positives to boost a bruised ego.

In a nutshell?

  • Be desirable. Be funny. Be thoughtful. Be smart. Be at ease. Make eye contact. Smell good.


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